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Tuesday, May 10


Too..addicted... to How i met your mother....

To addictive, every episode.. oh lord..

In other news, my girlfriend is out of the hospital today! yay.... .... ... now i gotta put up with her again :/ ;)
Been staying at school and working late until about 5:30~ each night in preparation for my exams! crazy stuff, I'm so tired.

Hope everyone's having a great Tuesday

Monday, May 9


Feeling pretty c rappy at the moment, will reply and look through comments on tuesday, just a heads up to say that i wont be on here much today. sorry <3

Sunday, May 8


So I managed to get number 1 in my division on star craft! Woo!
Wasn't that hard in honesty, waiting for my promotion now ><

In other news, getting on with my work, looking up some past papers and what not, philosophy exam in only 8 days! pressure is starting to mount.

Hope you enjoy the song! please continue to support me by commenting and maybe view some ads! thx :)

Saturday, May 7

Best. cake. Ever

THIS cake. is not a lie. 


Started off the day with some work.. Woo!

Hopefully the day will get better, and when i get home i'll be in the mood for some more work... woo!

Found this pretty cool to watch. Hope it interests you!

In other news, i was looking at Gosucoaching (professional starcraft players who coach for high prices)

And EG.idRa charges $300 an hour!? that's OBSCENE!
if I had enough money to waste.. I might consider it though.. 

Friday, May 6


Hope everyone's gettin down on' friday!

Im too tired to give a propper blog post, sorry guys!

Thursday, May 5

quick update

Thanks everyone for the encouraging words! especially Bob ross and his afro blog. My girlfriend saw it and said thanks! ahaha

If you've seen kersal massive..



Most Tired i've been in such a long time... definitely an early night.

Girlfriend has tonsillitis and maybe glandular fever, NOT good seeing as she has exams coming up too!

Just over a week until my philosophy exam paper... stressing like crazy! but too tired to feel like  i could even be productive.

Theese next few weeks of my life are going to be horrible :( why did i pick higher education?

Calm! Breathe!

Ughhh.. Really not enjoying myself at the moment, i hope you guys are!

Wednesday, May 4


Sorry about the streaming time, i will give more notice next time hopefully!

In other news, Wednesday IS horrible, got an essay that will take me ATLEAST 2 hours that i dont want to start or even think about but i have not choice but to do it, sigh! Another day of cancelled plans because of my sick girlfriend, getting a bit annoying now!

And i'd like to thank everyone for 1,000+ views! thanks for supporting me and please continue to do so! it gives me motivation to keep on blogging, and i'm enjoying it a bit now!

A song I've liked for a long time, I'm a big fan of the underground hip hop scene and especially Cyne, a lot of love for them especially on this track!

Looking forward to the Champions league tonight, should be a great match! if anyone has any predictions I'd love to see them!


Tuesday, May 3


Will be Streaming from 10PM GMT ; 4PM CST  ; 2PM PST


Next time I'm Streaming, I'll try to give details of the times and I'll stream for longer~

In other news 2 essays down today! Just gotta keep doing them each day until my exams are over then FREEDOM! Cannot wait to be free of all of this work but for now. I must work!

Plans during the week to meet up with my girlfriend have been cancelled because of work- oh lord, its really starting to get on my nerves now aha.

Hope everyone is having a better Tuesday than i am!


Monday, May 2


Attempting to go live on Livestream!


So, as the title suggests last night (Sunday) I saw Insidious with a few friends.
I'll try to keep this concise and without any spoilers so don't worry if you wanted to watch it too!

The film builds on atmosphere, as all good horror films do, the acting is surprisingly strong and the female lead is unsurprisingly attractive but also unknown? I haven't seen her before so definitely a good first film performance. 

The film unfortunately in my opinion, builds on a weird twist that I'm not a huge fan of but for some of my friends it worked, the spooky atmosphere came back and there were defiantly some moments where, I confess to announce that I did nearly piss my pants. The film's beginning is slightly comparable to paranormal activity but with more action and a faster pace, slowly carrying the film onto the main 'twist', the twist of comedy and horror was not to my taste but was interesting at best!

The ending honestly surprised me and made for a much better film than I had originally thought as I'm not a fan of EVERYTHING being concluded all at once, Nevertheless I'd give the film a solid 6/10 and recommend it to be rented or borrowed from a friend when it hits DVD. If the trailer sways you and you DO  want to see it, as long as you don't pay too much for your ticket... its probably worth it ;)

So.. onto other news Bin Laden is dead! Whilst I don't think he is / ever existed and was most probably just a scape goat as  I am a firm believer than 9/11 was an inside job, I hope it brings closure to who ever was a affected and eases their pain. 

To finish, I added a Live-stream link to the top of my page, so on the occasion I decide to play a game, you can view it here!

Sunday, May 1


 As the title Suggests!

Another day of NOTHING. Was supposed to out to my Girlfriends for dinner then out for evening with some of her friends but she's too sick to see me. Most Definitely sucks....
Looks like i'll be writing more essays for my final exams and i'll most probably find myself on Starcraft again soon...

Few clips of some friends and i playing Bloodline Champions (
New MOBA game, totally free to play!, Was pretty fun but not so sure if i have the time for it, gotta wait for my friends to be ready and everything, quite a bit of hassle but hope you enjoy the video! Might upload some Starcraft replays if i get the time.. thats not my youtube by the way, but a friends :-)
(I was playing as the Healer-  PackMOON was my IGN)

I should probably find another hobby hahah.. all i seem to be doing is studying, seeing my friends, somtimes going to the gym and gaming... wouldn't mind some variation...

Hope everyone has a relaxed sunday.. Wish me luck to do more studying .. *groan*