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Tuesday, June 14

Im back!

After quite a while of not blogging, due to exams, laziness and also other reasons that I don't really wanna write out I've decided to get back into blogging after being asked many, many times!

So recently I've seen the Hangover 2, I don't really enjoy writing movie reviews as I HATE spoilers and personally I'd rather go to the cinema not knowing anything! However, the film is equal if not better than the first, so if you enjoyed it then, you should probably see that.

A song i was sent a while ago by a friend, pretty great if I'm honest was leaked from an album coming soon so look out for it!

And something else i'm enjoying at the moment.

My girlfriend and i were talking about capital punishment, I started off more or less on the fence as I've not put much thought into it but was quickly persuaded to see it negatively, what do you think?

Will be writing again! thx

Tuesday, May 10


Too..addicted... to How i met your mother....

To addictive, every episode.. oh lord..

In other news, my girlfriend is out of the hospital today! yay.... .... ... now i gotta put up with her again :/ ;)
Been staying at school and working late until about 5:30~ each night in preparation for my exams! crazy stuff, I'm so tired.

Hope everyone's having a great Tuesday

Monday, May 9


Feeling pretty c rappy at the moment, will reply and look through comments on tuesday, just a heads up to say that i wont be on here much today. sorry <3

Sunday, May 8


So I managed to get number 1 in my division on star craft! Woo!
Wasn't that hard in honesty, waiting for my promotion now ><

In other news, getting on with my work, looking up some past papers and what not, philosophy exam in only 8 days! pressure is starting to mount.

Hope you enjoy the song! please continue to support me by commenting and maybe view some ads! thx :)

Saturday, May 7

Best. cake. Ever

THIS cake. is not a lie. 


Started off the day with some work.. Woo!

Hopefully the day will get better, and when i get home i'll be in the mood for some more work... woo!

Found this pretty cool to watch. Hope it interests you!

In other news, i was looking at Gosucoaching (professional starcraft players who coach for high prices)

And EG.idRa charges $300 an hour!? that's OBSCENE!
if I had enough money to waste.. I might consider it though.. 

Friday, May 6


Hope everyone's gettin down on' friday!

Im too tired to give a propper blog post, sorry guys!

Thursday, May 5

quick update

Thanks everyone for the encouraging words! especially Bob ross and his afro blog. My girlfriend saw it and said thanks! ahaha

If you've seen kersal massive..



Most Tired i've been in such a long time... definitely an early night.

Girlfriend has tonsillitis and maybe glandular fever, NOT good seeing as she has exams coming up too!

Just over a week until my philosophy exam paper... stressing like crazy! but too tired to feel like  i could even be productive.

Theese next few weeks of my life are going to be horrible :( why did i pick higher education?

Calm! Breathe!

Ughhh.. Really not enjoying myself at the moment, i hope you guys are!