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Saturday, April 30


10 wins today without a loss on starcraft, really getting into this... Forgetting all essays i have to write for a moment.... ..



Need to start Blogging more! been playing Lots of Starcraft 2 recently, In the Bronze League (Despite winning 15 games to 0 losses??) Don't understand the ladder system AT ALL!

Dominating a few Gold league players, putting them back in there place, nearly in the top 8 in my division now things are going slick as zerg! A guy SCV rushed me earlier today... i dont know what he was thinking... Got the replay and made him look like a royal chump Cy@@@@!

EGidra to win IPL!

Odd Fucha


Friday, April 15


Surf Minecraft!


I miss Source :/

First Blog (Generic name ftw)

Unsure what I'll be writing in here as for the moment, most probably I'll add my favourite videos / links. A lot of  school work at the moment for upcoming exams but, should add in some blogs about gaming, and how that's all going for me at the moment.