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Monday, May 2


So, as the title suggests last night (Sunday) I saw Insidious with a few friends.
I'll try to keep this concise and without any spoilers so don't worry if you wanted to watch it too!

The film builds on atmosphere, as all good horror films do, the acting is surprisingly strong and the female lead is unsurprisingly attractive but also unknown? I haven't seen her before so definitely a good first film performance. 

The film unfortunately in my opinion, builds on a weird twist that I'm not a huge fan of but for some of my friends it worked, the spooky atmosphere came back and there were defiantly some moments where, I confess to announce that I did nearly piss my pants. The film's beginning is slightly comparable to paranormal activity but with more action and a faster pace, slowly carrying the film onto the main 'twist', the twist of comedy and horror was not to my taste but was interesting at best!

The ending honestly surprised me and made for a much better film than I had originally thought as I'm not a fan of EVERYTHING being concluded all at once, Nevertheless I'd give the film a solid 6/10 and recommend it to be rented or borrowed from a friend when it hits DVD. If the trailer sways you and you DO  want to see it, as long as you don't pay too much for your ticket... its probably worth it ;)

So.. onto other news Bin Laden is dead! Whilst I don't think he is / ever existed and was most probably just a scape goat as  I am a firm believer than 9/11 was an inside job, I hope it brings closure to who ever was a affected and eases their pain. 

To finish, I added a Live-stream link to the top of my page, so on the occasion I decide to play a game, you can view it here!


  1. Wow Insidious looks awesome!
    I've been a huge fan of Paranormal Activity for some time and these seems very similar with some differences, will defiantly check this! :D

  2. Good post.
    I might watch Insidious.

  3. Might download but dunno if I'd fork out for cinema tickets.

  4. Ah, a couple of friends went to watch this the other day, apparently from what i have heard its pretty weird but a good film :)

  5. Looks like I won't be going to the theaters for this one, I'll save a little money. Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. Not watching the film, so I admit to blowing off that part of your post. However you should make sure to let your followers know when you are planning on making use of your Livestream. I would be interested in seeing some skilled gamage ... if you can manage something like that, of course >:D

  7. I covered my eyes watching that trailer. Don't think i'll be watching the movie, not alone anyway ;P

  8. Hide and seek champion of the decade.

  9. I cannot wait to see Insidious

  10. looks scary! i'll give it a watch

  11. I've been really looking forward to this film! :D


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